Meet Ronnie Garcia

Front End Team Lead Ronnie Garcia is a cactus owning, nap-loving dad who has a wicked knack for contributing unique ideas to support the laid back culture here at The Control Group.

That’s why we thought we’d help you get to know him better. Chances are if you’re looking for a gig here in our office, you’ll have to go through him. Here are a few important things to know.

Prior to joining our team, Ronnie had racked up nearly a decade of experience in web design and development doing both freelance and full-time in-house work. When his previous employer made changes to the structure of the company, Ronnie knew it was time to move to an open-minded and fast-paced company where his bold ideas and experience could help contribute to the big picture.

Ronnie’s day to day activities now change constantly depending on what projects are happening. “As the manager of the front-end team, I try to stay connected to those I manage… I try to help where I can and remove any roadblocks that people run into.  Some days it's a lot of meetings, and I barely find time during the day to sit at my desk and bang out some code— which is why I might be most productive past 5:00PM.  When I do get to sit at my desk, I am involved in a mix of mostly split testing (brainstorming, designing, and developing) and project sprints.”

When he’s not at the office, Ronnie can be found playing with Legos and Monster Trucks with his 3 year old son and expectant wife— their second child is due in January of 2014. He also loves catching up on his favorite shows on Netflix and attending his weekly bible studies.

What does Ronnie look for in the right candidate for a gig at The Control Group? “The main attribute I look for in any candidate is 'PASSION'.  I want to make sure that every candidate that joins the team is self-driven and loves what they do.  Aside from that, you want a team that really vibes with one another, so I make sure that their personalities are compatible with the rest of the team.”

What is Ronnie’s favorite part of the company culture at The Control Group? “The biggest thing for me is the passion and drive that people have for their respective duties— that makes this place so successful.  The work we do isn't so much of a task as it is an exciting challenge for us. I think you could take away the breakfasts, basketball hoops, video games, social events, etc. and we'd still love coming into work everyday. Also, getting paid to collaborate with some really talented individuals is always a plus.”

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