Nerd Alert Closes Kickball Season, Begins Spring Training

On Sunday, The Control Group’s glory-filled kickball season came to a close. Did we go out in a blaze of glory, securing an epic win at the very last nerve-wracking minute?


Nope. Actually we totally forfeited. We’re so fighting so hard to be number one all week long in the office that apparently we forgot to save some competitive juices for the kickball field!


The season started strong with two wins right out the gate, and Nerd Alert was deemed a true competitor. However, momentum slowed down shortly thereafter and the remainder of the season proved to be an uphill battle. I personally believe that the basketball machines are to blame. After playing hoops against each other all week, we didn’t have enough left for the field!


Heart > Wins


One of the most memorable games of the season showed true commitment of several core players who made it back just in time for kick-off, even after a full day touring Temecula. The game, while entertaining, ended in a loss for Nerd Alert, but the dedication and spirit (no pun intended) shone through.

Nerd Alert closed the season 2-1-5 (2 due to forfeit). Right now we are getting nice and rested for our next office sports venture—bowling!

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