People Who Rock The Control Group In February

Even during the shortest month of the year, The Control Group saw no shortage of star performances.

But there are a few employees who shone so bright they caught the notice of their coworkers. These TCG employees were called out by their colleagues for above and beyond contributions to The Control Group during February.

Rick Sutton and the Finance TeamRick Sutton And Accountants

Nominated by Ronnie Garcia

"Rick and the Accountants" (great band name) don't get much spotlight here at the company, but they're a hard-working bunch who are incredibly important to what we do here at The Control Group. We may not understand all the ins and outs of everything they do, but we recognize the long hours and hard work they do, day in and day out, to add to our success. Even with full plates, they're always helpful and accommodating — providing all the tools and information we need while making our jobs easier and getting us paid or reimbursed on time. When you do the numbers, the accounting team sums up to a team of true rockstars!

Ashley Kammo

Nominated by Amanda Aschenbrenner

Ashley is such an amazing addition to the downtown office. She takes such good care of us. If we ever need anything, Ashley is the first person to help. She also started getting fresher and healthier snacks for the office, which is amazing! It is so nice to have some green options waiting for us in the fridge. Plus she is a great chef, and helps with such amazing Friday BBQs. We are so lucky to have her. :)


Want to give a shout out to an extraordinary TCG employee? Send your nominee to the Human Resources email address that includes their name and a few sentences that describes why they rock.

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