People Who Rock The Control Group In September

Yes, the new office is amazing. Yes, the kitchen is luxurious. Yes, it's a wonder that other people are expected to get work done without the miracle that is the Autonomous height adjustable standing desk.

But what hasn't changed in the big move is what made The Control Group a success in the first place: the people.

Here are the TCG employees who were called out for special recognition in September.

Leica Zetisky

Leica Zetisky

Nominated by Lauren Settle

Leica has been absolutely killing it on the mobile team since she joined. She has cleaned up a ton of code, performed a comprehensive data audit, and built out a large portion of our app's Data Monitoring Suite. She genuinely cares about the mobile app's quality and codebase, and doesn't stop working until everything meets her standards (which are pretty high). Leica has contributed a lot of time and work to build out new features and gladly takes the time to explain things if asked. She's a team player — eager to help and do everything in her power to get the job done, even if it's not her responsibility. She's an asset to the team and awesome to work with! 

Shiem Edelbrock

Nominated by Jeffery Bue

I have had the privileged to work closely with Shiem for the past month and it's been a extraordinary remarkable experience. I don't think people understand the weight that's on this man's shoulders. He's the CTO of The Control Group, which means he's basically responsible for every single line of code pumped through each one of our computers. Not only that, but he needs to be on top of every property, of every product, of every site that we run around here. If you've ever overheard one of his conversations with a rep of some sort on the phone you'd understand the pressure and stress he has to deal with, just the amount of passionate language alone will make you think how many other peoples' jobs he does himself so to make sure this place doesn't blow up. He's not only saved me, but the company, One Hundred Million times.

He knows just about every programing language out there or at least the ones to keep this gravy train a roll'n. He has a positive attitude and never dampers, keeping the motivation of his employees in high gear and with enough confidence to achieve any goal. I thank him for putting up with my countless of questions about endpoints and operations. This guy rocks and am glad we have a Cowboy Coder Life Hacker at the top of the mountain leading the way.

Mike Keller

Mike Keller

Nominated by Ronnie Garcia

NextGen pushed a huge change to our app infrastructure recently that had some major issues in Kubernetes.  Mike (with his experience and expertise in Kubernetes) was able to lend a few minutes to help us resolve the issues quickly and get the app stabilized.

The Control Group Team

The Control Group

Nominated by Ronnie Garcia

Working for The Control Group has been an amazing experience and seeing it grow into what it is now is definitely something we should all be proud of. From back office to front-end, accounting to legal, inbound to outbound, to SEO, and everything in between — everyone here makes TCG a special company. I'm so proud of everything we've accomplished and will miss being an official member of the team.

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