Everyday Is Take Your Dog To Work Day At The Control Group!

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, but you’d never be able to tell at The Control Group. For our lucky team of talented peeps and pooches, EVERYDAY is a dog-friendly fiesta!

It’s scientifically proven that dogs can lower stress levels, and we know for a fact that having a bustling office full of our four-legged friends makes coming to work even more pawsome than usual! And considering our amazing facilities, cutting-edge crew, and snacks on snacks on snacks, that’s really saying something!

Our office dogs get fresh water, delicious doggy snacks, and plenty of toys. Plus, they get to play in a mega-pack, which is a great way for our pets to stay happy and occupied while the team gets to work!

Not only do we adore our office dogs, but we also love all dogs. So far in 2016, TCG has participated in multiple events geared toward helping pooches from all walks of life. We joined the San Diego Humane Society’s Walk For Animals, ran a 5k for puppies, and attended charity surf dog competition. TCG even officially started REIMBURSING adoption fees for any employee who rescues a dog from the Helen Woodward Animal Center. There are no ruff days here at TCG!
Take a moment to check out our resident pooches on our team page. You can fight among yourselves over who is the cutest, goofiest, or fluffiest dog on the block! Or, y’know, sit back and enjoy the sight of TCG’s doggy smiles!







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