The Control Group: Giving Back to Their Mission Beach Community

We’ve been incredibly fortunate in our journey as The Control Group to not only experience great success, but also to be able to use that success to give back to those who have helped us accomplish all we have thus far.

One of our core values as an organization is to give back to our local community. This is why we’re organizing upcoming events to help our team support several local organizations through a corporate social responsibility campaign. We think it’s important not only to show the community we live and work in that we want to help, but we also want to show our employees that what’s important to them is important to us.

Beyond our office-wide passion for all things tech, we also share another bond—  we’re all passionate about our local community here in San Diego. Whether it’s the surfers in our office that live and breathe the beach, the parents in our office who support their local parks and schools, the pet parents who volunteer at the shelters and foster animals in need of loving homes, or those of us who are thankful for the programs that supported who we are today, we’re all pretty conscious citizens. We’ve amassed quite a list of organizations we’d love to support, but that list is always open to new additions.

If there are other programs in the Mission Beach or Greater San Diego Area that you, as supporters of The Control Group, would like to share with us, please let us know in the comments.



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