The Control Group Rewards Education With The Caps And Gowns Program

At The Control Group, we don't just believe in continuously optimizing our products. We're also dedicated to helping our employees optimize their skills and knowledge. That's why we help make education more affordable with our Caps And Gowns Program. TCG has partnered with Gradifii and ScholarShare529 to deliver tools and services that help make education more affordable.

The Caps and Gowns Programs helps employees pay down student debt or save up for financial costs associated with education. The Control Group will contribute $100 each month towards the principal balance of a student loan or ScholarShare 529 Education Save Up Plan.

To celebrate the kickoff of the new program, we had a treat-filled celebration in the office.  

Caps and Gowns

Full time active regular employees are eligible to participate after satisfying initial eligibility period of 90 days after hire date. Program enrollment will be available 60 days after the date of hire.

Student Loan Paydown Plan (SLP)

TCG will contribute $100/month towards the principal balance of one eligible student loan in the employee’s name. Student loan must be in good standing (paid current) to be eligible for TCG contribution.

An employee may only participate in one plan at a time, either the SLP plan or the 529 Save Up Plan. ·

ScholarShare 529 Education Save Up Plan (CSU529) 

TCG will contribute $100/month towards an employee’s eligible ScholarShare 529 account for eligible beneficiaries. o Eligible Beneficiaries include: § Employee/Self § Employee’s dependent child/step-child/adopted child (to age 26) § Employee’s grandchild/step-grandchild/adopted grandchild (to age 26) o Employee must contribute a minimum of $25 per pay period towards the eligible 529 account, via payroll Direct Deposit to be eligible for TCG contribution.

Eligible employees may enroll in the Caps and Gowns program at any time.

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