We’re Adopting

Last week, we told you all that we were stoked to be launching a corporate social responsibility campaign to give back to our local community here in San Diego. This week, we’re thrilled to be able to fill you in on the developments of our first project!

As we may have mentioned, our office sits directly on the shore of Pacific Beach here in San Diego. Our team is full of passionate surfers, volleyballers, and ocean lovers— and that includes the office pups. This is why we’ve opted to work in conjunction with I Love A Clean San Diego to adopt the newest member of The Control Group Family, the beach directly outside of our main office door (stay tuned for updates on our newest second location).

Over Labor Day Weekend, an estimated 700,000 people will visit our local beaches. With over half a million people packed onto San Diego’s coastline, by the time the bonfire ends, the beaches have taken a serious beating. From cigarette butts to bottles and wrappers, litter will undoubtedly be left behind and need to be collected. This is why following Labor Day Weekend, when the highest volume of trash is found on our beaches, we’ll be donning our orange shirts and heading out to clean ours up! By committing to this project, we not only hope to beautify our neighborhood beach and help save the wildlife from dangerous hazards, but we strive to bring an awareness to all of our visitors and educate them about safer alternatives to bring to the beach to reduce this issue in the future. For example, bring a reusable cooler bag as opposed to a styrofoam cooler to be more eco-friendly.

Founder and CEO of The Control Group, Kris Kibak put it best, “We hope that helping clean our beaches will improve the local environment and serve as a fun way to give back to our community.”


So on Tuesday, September 3 from 10am-1pm, look for us out on the sands of Pacific Beach cleaning up trash, and in our true competitive spirit, battling one another to see who can collect the most cigarette butts, recycle the most bottles, and most importantly, make the biggest impact.


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