What's in a Name...

...and where did ours come from?

When people ask our team members, “What do you do for a living?” the conversation usually goes something like this…

“I’m a [insert title here: web developer, programmer, designer, content creator, marketing manager].”
“Wow! That sounds so… complicated. Do you work for Facebook?”
“No, I actually work for a company called The Control Group.”


At this point the person asking usually drops their voice to a quiet whisper and responds, “Is that like the CIA?”

We hate to disappoint because we love a good story, but we’re not affiliated with the CIA, the FBI, and no, we weren’t exposed in the recent NSA leaks. We’re actually a web development and online marketing agency that builds and markets our own creations. So why the name?

Dictionary.com is here to shed some light on that: Control Group: (n) In a test or trial, a group that is not given the experimental variable; used as a standard of comparison

Simply put, we’re about innovation. We want to be the benchmark for all other web developers. Data is king, and split testing is our creed.  We’re constantly aware of where we stand so that we are ready to sprint to bigger projects tomorrow. We’re a fast paced company who not only knows how to build the slickest and most cutting-edge products, but we know how to have a good time doing it. We thrive on one simple challenge— forcing the industry to catch up to us.

As hard as our team works, company culture is our number one priority. We know that having a team that loves where they work is just as important as having one that loves what they work on. Passion is key, and each individual member of The Control Group exhibits it not only in the workplace, but in their lives outside of the office.

We have surfers and video game enthusiasts; pet lovers and crossword puzzle masters; musicians and gardeners; parents and more. What unites us all is a desire to create the future of web development through data-driven innovation, collaboration and the occasional craft beer.  Drafternoons on Fridays (which we promise to tell you about tomorrow) have become a key part of our team building efforts because we recognize that socializing as we do outside of the office forges greater bonds than trust falls and keynotes.

We’re a unique bunch, and as our Front End Team Lead, Ronnie Garcia put it, “I think you could take away all the basketball hoops, video games, and social events and we’d still love coming into work every day. Getting paid to collaborate with some really talented individuals is always a plus.”


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