The Control Group Hosts Local High School For Exciting Job Shadow

Last month, we hosted a great group of students from O’Farrell Charter School for a job shadow event. We’ve held many job shadows over the years, but each one is different and exciting in its own way. This one brought us some of the most outgoing students we’ve seen so far, which made the event especially fun for us.



As soon as the students arrived at our Little Italy office, the first things they noticed were the dogs and the Nerf guns. We can’t blame them — the dogs are so good at welcoming our guests as soon as they step off the elevator. After that, we had maybe half of their attention, but we had their full interest in our company. We’ll call that a win!


We had some new TCG volunteers for this year’s job shadow. In the week leading up to the event,  Lauren, Amica, Luis, Andy, and Amanda excitedly prepared to show these 12th graders what they do on a day-to-day basis.


On the day of the job shadow, the students were broken up into small groups as they visited each of the volunteers to learn about design, SEO, mobile app development, front end development, and content marketing.



The time seemed to fly by, and it was clear that each group was hoping for a little bit more time with the volunteers. It was also hard not to notice how much fun our TCG volunteers were having.



Every time we host a job shadow event, we hope to expose these kids to something new and get them interested in tech. This year’s group of students left with a little more insight into the tech industry, and we were left with a slightly emptier kitchen. We’re not sure what they enjoyed more — getting a glimpse of a possible future career choice or enjoying our awesome office culture. All we know is that we can’t wait to host students from O’Farrell again!


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