Drafternoon Days: Sean Scores With Jira

For this week's drafternoon recap, we're reviewing Sean Shahrokhi's presentation. Our project manager has helped bring organization and transparency to our organization. I truly don't know how we made it without him for so long!

Sean Saves the Day With Jira

Since his arrival to TCG just over two months ago, Sean has given us new, proven systems and processes on how to execute our workflow. Naturally, we have welcomed him with open arms. His management, organizational experience and leadership have benefited every single department of the company in these short weeks.

On Friday, April 12, the Scrum Master spit out some serious Jira knowledge and gave us a detailed run down on the Jira escalation process in his drafternoon presentation. We never thought words like “agile,” “sprint” and “issue” (or scrum), would be in our daily dialogue around the office, but thank goodness they are. Sean has us running like well-oiled machine and we are now faster, smarter, and stronger than ever before!

Props to Sean and his fearless spearheading of our Jira journey, he must be a brave one! Sean is available for demos, training and any questions relating to the Jira system and overall efficiency of the company. Basically, Sean is our puppet master.

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