Drafternoon Recap: Split Testing Secrets With Romina Barrett


Last week, we heard front-end developer, Romina Barrett, present on the secrets behind our winning split testing formula (sorry folks, we can’t reveal details of anything she said, but we can talk about how awesome her presentation was). Our split testing formula is guarded like grandma’s secret sauce. Only a select few can ever know the recipe.

But First, A Little About Romina

Romina holds a very special place here at The Control Group. She was the first female developer we hired! You might think that being surrounded by a cast of all-male co-workers would be intimidating, but Romina carries herself with confidence and grace at all times. She writes clean code, has an eye for design, and doesn’t take any s*&% from anyone.

In 2010, she earned a BFA in Production Animation from DigiPen Institute of Technology. After college, she switched gears from the gaming industry and focused on building a career in web development. We think she made the right move.

How does Romina feel about being The Control Group’s first female dev? She says, "Representing female developers is awesome, but it's not something I have to think about too much here, and I think that's a good thing. It's amazing to work with such an incredibly talented team, with people from many different backgrounds. At The Control Group it's all about passion and drive, so it's a great place to be for any serious developer."

This is true.

The Recap

In her drafternoon presentation, Romina took us all on a trip down memory lane as we reviewed the different variations of our conversion funnel that we’ve tested over the course of the last year. Looking back at the different landing pages we’ve tried simultaneously evoked a sense of nostalgia in our senior staff, and provided eye opening insights for the newcomers. I think my favorite part was when she revealed that we’ve actually tested a landing page with kittens on it! What can I say, we’re not afraid to optimize for cuteness.

At The Control Group, we test every aspect of the user experience to ensure success. We’ve discussed how absolutely essential split testing is to our organization (hence our company name, The Control Group) We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, “Data is king and split testing is our creed.” Romina’s presentation reinforced this message.

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