Drafternoons: Team Building for Beer Enthusiasts

The thought of giving a presentation to a group of nearly 40 people about your day-to-day job activities is a frightening concept for most people. However, here at The Control Group, we decided to make these types of presentations informative and fun by instituting our now famous “Drafternoons”. Who can turn down the opportunity to discuss what they’re passionate about over a few beers on a Friday?

Our company culture has been a priority for us from day one, and we’ve found that nurturing our laid back atmosphere has led our team to be even more productive and cutting edge.

In most offices, Friday afternoons are the highlight of the week. The same is true for The Control Group, but we don’t have to wait until we’re off the clock to enjoy them. We get to partake in Drafternoons.  What is Drafternoon exactly?

Every employee’s name is thrown into a hat, and each week, one person is selected to present. There aren’t any clear-cut rules on what the presentation entails—  each person is asked to put together an entertaining and informative presentation on something related to their position within the company. They then get to close out the week by presenting to the company over beers on Friday afternoon at 4:30. We’ve seen presentations on everything from open source code initiatives to HR software, content marketing and email campaigns. Each presentation gives us all an opportunity to not only learn more about the other positions and duties within the organization, but also to ask questions and get to know one another‑ and the copious craft beer selection available in San Diego. At the end of each presentation, there’s room for questions and answers, and more importantly the opportunity to bond with coworkers over beers. Did we mention that the office dogs, Duke and Corndog, also partake with their own little doggie brews?

The lesson here:

Beer = Teambuilding

Just kidding, but we certainly think it helps.



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