2019’s #TCGHealthySelfie Challenge Was A Huge Success — Here Are The Winners!

The Control Group has repeatedly won awards for being one of the healthiest companies in San Diego, and our talented team is filled with an assortment of surfers, hikers, Crossfitters, and martial artists. So when our annual #HealthySelfie challenge rolls around, the competitive TCG team is always gunning for gold.

If you’re familiar with America’s Finest City, you already know that San Diego is a mecca for health nuts. Architectural Digest actually voted San Diego the nation’s 9th healthiest city — so you might say that our healthy selfie winners are among the fittest in the country!

As usual, we had a flood of entries to choose from in 2019. It’s always hard picking the winners, especially when so many of our team are incredible athletes. Without further ado, here are 2019’s challenge winners!

Third Place: Kristle Khoury

kristle pike jump

Kristle is a retired competitive cheerleader, but still has all the right moves! Kudos to Kristle’s 6-year-old son who took this awesome photograph!

Second Place: Arnav Aggarwal

Arnav pullup

Arnav earned a new nickname around the office after this year’s Healthy Selfie challenge. He’s now Arnav Schwarzenegger!

First Place: Lauren Settle

Lauren boxing black and white

Lauren is TCG’s own Million Dollar Baby in this awesome action shot which showcases her mad boxing skills. Congratulations to Lauren for a well-deserved win!

A big congratulations to everyone to participated in this year’s Healthy Selfie challenge. 

If anyone is feeling some fitness FOMO, we’re kicking off February with a Heart Step challenge. We’re logging our steps for a whole month. Depending on how many steps we can collectively accrue, we’ll be treated to a day out. 

If we achieve a collective 10 million steps, we’ll be spoiled with a “Top Tier” event! If we fall short of 10 million, we’ll be treated to a “Mid-Tier” event. There’s a “Barely Made It” event, and if we make less than 5 million steps...well, we all get pizza! 

So get inspired, and get stepping this February!

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