The Control Group Takes in Some Hockey Action

The San Diego Gulls hockey team has become a favorite now that our “beloved” San Diego Chargers have abandoned us for the glitz and glamour of LA. At TCG, we felt it was once again our duty to root for the home team. We boarded the buses ready for some hockey action.

gulls group

Once there, we wandered over to the Stella Artois lounge, where we had VIP access. With drinks in hand, we made our way to our seats. This was not just any hockey night. It was Star Wars Night — and we had a bird’s-eye view of the rink! The ladies of the ice cleanup crew all paid tribute to our dearly departed Princess Leia. The men of the crew channeled their inner Storm Trooper. In the crowd, we also spotted a few Han Solos, Darth Vaders, and Luke Skywalkers. Sadly there were no Chewbaccas.

gulls star wars

The Gulls did not disappoint. A few small on-ice squabbles broke out, and some great goals were scored. In the end, the Gulls came through with a win! Take that, Chargers.

Now, if only we hadn't accidentally left our CEO and COO behind, the night would have been a complete win!

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