The Control Group's Night of Games

Awhile back, we surveyed the team for possible team events in 2017. It was no surprise when Dave and Buster’s came up as a top choice: we have some avid gamers here at The Control Group! So, we loaded up the buses for a night of games and tasty treats.

As usual, our team had VIP treatment — nothing but the finest for our hard workers. Limo buses picked us up and whisked us away (to sit on the 5 for longer than we liked). When we arrived, we had a gigantic, private room that featured wall-to-wall televisions to watch March Madness and an all-you-can-eat buffet.


After a little social time, we grabbed our game cards and made our way into the 48,000-square-foot game room. This place was every adult child’s gaming dream. We played basketball, racecars, dancing, skeeball, and way too many other games to name. Some of the team even racked up enough tickets to claim some prizes.


Kacey won, amongst other things, a unicorn, which she gladly gave to one of our youngest TCG family members, Olive. Hanna won a game set and was tempted to “borrow” all of the abandoned prize tickets.

At the end of the night, it was another successful team outing. Now it’s baseball season and time to visit our hometown team … go Padres!

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