TCG Treks Over 10 Million Steps In Search Of Wine And Good Health

The Control Group is consistently named one of the best companies to work for in San Diego. 


And with Funday Fridays like this, it’s easy to see why. 


In February the TCG team participated in a Heart Step Challenge to collectively walk over 10 million steps for the month. 


All team members had their eye on the prize, which was good health and a winery adventure, (but everyone was mostly concerned with improved cardiovascular health, of course).


The TCG crew surpassed their goal and hit 10,171,425 steps as a group at the end of the month. Winery tour here we come!

close up of wine barrels in a cave

The journey to Temecula’s beautiful Oak Mountain Winery was filled with music, snacks, a responsible amount of libations, and much laughter.


Upon arriving at the winery, TCGers were greeted with a sparkling white wine (California champagne, for those in the know) toast. The consensus was that as a group of sophisticated palates, the team was ready for the full wine tasting experience.


The TCG team learned a great deal about the wine-making process and more importantly, the wine drinking process.


The award winning Oak Mountain Winery aka the “Cave Winery” has the first subterranean wine caves in Temecula. Wine caves naturally create the ideal conditions for aging wine. Cave temperatures and humidity assist in the aging process.


The TCG posse took full advantage of the cool cave temperatures and hibernated like wine-filled bears. The day ended with more delicious vino samples, tasty snacks, silly group photos and another jammin’ party limo ride back to San Diego!

group photo of the Control Group team wine outing


Cheers to good health!

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