New Study From TruthFinder Reveals America’s Most Haunted Places

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 10, 2018TruthFinder, a background checking product from The Control Group, recently launched an interactive map featuring haunted locations around the United States as part of a seasonal promotion for their new Address Lookup feature.

After entering over 1,000 reportedly haunted destinations, TruthFinder analyzed the data to reveal some hair-raising facts about haunted places in the U.S.

Southern states were the most haunted, according to this study, with 46% of all haunted places located in the South. The second most haunted region was the Northeast, which accounted for 21% of haunted places.

While the West Coast only accounted for 15% of haunted places, California took the crown for being the most haunted state, with major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco having the lion’s share of haunted houses, hotels, and more. Riverside County has the most monster sightings out of anywhere in the U.S., with both the legendary Idyll-beast and a Chupacabra rumored to prowl the hills around Idyllwild and the Box Spring Mountains.

Pennsylvania and Louisiana placed second and third for the most haunted states respectively. 

Oregon was one of the most diverse haunted states, boasting the most haunted parks, theatres, and amusement parks. Meanwhile Michigan broke the record for having 7 haunted lighthouses. New Jersey had the most haunted roads, while New York had the most haunted castles. Arkansas leads the way for having the most haunted cemeteries, while Alabama, surprisingly, had the most ghost ships due to two infamous steamboat accidents occurring on the Tombigbee River.

For more information about haunted attractions in your state, visit the map by clicking here.

While finding spooky attractions in your area is a lot of fun at Halloween, TruthFinder’s Address Lookup also protects communities against the real monsters lurking next door. The Address Lookup feature includes sex offender maps and the option to background check nearby residents for criminal records.

sex offender map on TruthFinder

TruthFinder is recommended by police officers, including Moline police detective Jon Leach, who says websites like TruthFinder can be helpful for staying safe in your community.

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