TruthFinder Releases An Interactive Map Featuring America’s Best Christmas Light Displays

San Diego, CA: To celebrate the holidays, TruthFinder has released an interactive map featuring thousands of Christmas light displays from all across the country.

The map features festive attractions from all 50 states, and TruthFinder is currently running a contest to find America’s best Christmas light display. 

Some of the best Christmas light attractions featured on the list included Night of a Thousand Candles in South Carolina and the Austin Trail of Lights in Texas.

interactive christmas light display map 

TruthFinder has also awarded five states the honor of being the most festive places to visit over the holiday season. The winning states included California, Vermont, Michigan, New York, and Colorado. 

In total, there were 1,097 Christmas light displays included on the list and TruthFinder intends on expanding the map year-over-year, by kicking off an inaugural search for America’s best Christmas light display. The general public is encouraged to nominate themselves or a friend by sending in a photograph of their favorite holiday light display for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Even if someone doesn’t end up with the grand prize, entries will be added to the map for next year’s festivities.

TruthFinder launched this interactive map of Christmas light displays as part of a promotion involving the Reverse Address Lookup feature that was launched earlier this year.

With just an address, TruthFinder can reveal a trove of information about a location that allows users to more safely engage with their communities. 

From learning the names of neighbors to discovering the community’s favorite steakhouse, a Reverse Address Lookup is a valuable tool for learning more about a community. The feature also includes FBI crime statistics, as part of TruthFinder’s ongoing mission to help member’s stay safe when out and about.

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