TruthFinder Featured In Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 27, 2018TruthFinder makes a brief appearance in the newly released animated film Ralph Breaks The Internet

In the sequel to 2012 movie Wreck It Ralph, the titular character ventures with video game racer Vanellope into the internet through their arcade's newly installed WiFi router in order to obtain a new steering wheel on eBay.

In the latter half of the movie, the heroes encounter a group of characters making internet searches on the fictional “Knowsmore” search engine.

 After one background character tries to find a way to get more information about people, the TruthFinder Logo appears in search results.



“We’re happy to help everyone, including people in the Wreck It Ralph universe, get the public records data they need in order to learn more about the people in their lives,” said Andrew Lovasz, The Control Group VP of Marketing. “TruthFinder helps people uncover information that you can’t find on Google — or KnowsMore for that matter.”

About The Control Group

Founded in San Diego in 2011, The Control Group is an award-winning, multi-million dollar technology company. With the focus of helping Americans protect themselves and their families, The Control Group owns several successful products, including people search platforms Instant Checkmate and TruthFinder — two of America’s most popular public records search engines.