TruthFinder Recommended By Illinois Police Department

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 26, 2018 — A local news station in Rock Island, Illinois, released a recent report on how background checking websites like TruthFinder can help residents stay safe.

Rock Island resident, Odell Hickman, discussed his concerns about crime in his neighborhood. Rock Island has recently seen an increase in crime, with six violent crimes taking place in just one week. 

Hickman told reporters that he uses TruthFinder’s Address Lookup to help him stay better informed about who is moving into the neighborhood.

TruthFinder report on the news

“[TruthFinder] is a good thing, because you need to know when you have a rapist living in your neighborhood. You need to know who is around.” Odell said.

While Odell said that all background checking websites were helpful for concerned residents, OurQuadCities reported that TruthFinder was “known for its accuracy” — a sentiment shared by Moline police detective, Jon Leach, who said that the police department has tested, and even used, TruthFinder.

"We've, as police departments, you know we've tested some of them and used some of them," Leach told reporters but added that if you spot suspicious activity in your neighborhood, you should also contact the police.

TruthFinder’s Address Lookup is a new feature for the background checking service and enables neighbors to discover more about their community. 

Each location report comes with a sex offender map (including mugshots and details of their charges where available), FBI crime statistics, census data, and detailed information about neighbors and residents, which includes the option to view arrests and criminal records, where available.

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